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Extracts from "I Am With You" pages

Here (to be read slowly) are some short passages in the book from Jesus our Lord:

Passages from I Am With You

Page 102

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My child, come . . .
Come ... with that sense of helplessness or insecurity...
Come ... when things are overwhelming...
Come ... to find all your needs met...
Come ... simply to let My love feed you...

The look to My love! . . .

dispersing fear;
dispersing that needless sense of guilt;
dispersing all turbulence of the spirit;
dispersing loneliness;
dispersing dread of the future;
dispersing regret;
dispersing sorrow;
dispersing any sense of rejection;

Is it not a wonderful thought that I can fulfil any need for you? Keeping the sense of My love is the secret!

I am He who comforts you.
(Isaiah 51.12)

Page 8

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My child, because I in-dwell you by My Spirit, I experience in the closest possible way, your conflicts, your longings, all which can cause you distress. Because I have travelled your road, there is, within the Godhead, infinite, tender appreciation of what you endure upon earth.

Because you have responded to My call, however imperfectly, I have made you My concern . . . When I see you in great need, My love and compassion are made most real to you. Each heartache, each struggle can be made to awaken the sense of need of Me, to deepen trust, to teach new truths.

It is only because I can see the ultimate blessing to you of pain shared with Me, that I can accept (though never unmoved by them) your earthly struggles.

Recognise love's transforming work in earth's darkness . . . See experiences of darkness melt, under My hand, into experiences (within My love) of security and of hope.

I am making everything new.
(Revelation 21.5)

Page 17

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The almost instinctive speaking of My Name when life is dark and uncertain ...

the cry of a child for the One who can draw close;
the cry of a child when reasoning ceases to function, when all is threatening, when human help is absent, when confidence is lost.
The speaking of My Name brings into the foreground of your situation the one vital factor. My name can be said in helplessness... but said in joy and thankfulness only seconds later! Thankfulness at being brought through that state of helplessness.

The speaking of My Name ensures, immediately, the retreat of evil forces . . . acknowledging that they are defeated in their aim for your life.

My child, the whispering of My Name ... On waking ... On surrendering to sleep ... And very frequently during each day!

I will be with you when you go through deep waters.
(Isaiah 43.2)

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